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We are the far before and the yet to come.

Once we say “here and now” the now is gone.

When is the now?

For it was

And now is this moment that passed.

Just be.



Shadows on the walls

Sun up high,

But I cannot move.


I know you have to go but I don’t want you too.

I feel I should have done more,

Said more.

There is never enough time when the end is coming.

Feeling selfish cause it is not all about me,


Yes it is because i love you so.

And you say the light is blinding

And you will always be here


I don’t care,

I just don’t care.

I want you here where I can see you.

I want you here where I can hold you.

I just want you here.

I know you are in pain

And i know you are strong.

As soon as we are born

We know we are going to move on

Doesn’t make it any easier.

Atoms and Cells


There is this burning in my belly,

This aching in my breast.

I struggle to keep my heart contained

Within my chest.

It is just the thought of you,

For you are not even near.

It’s just my atoms

And cells


The body of you.

Come home.

My heart will not stay still much longer


It is not where it belongs.

It’s just

What I must endure

While I am


You here.

I am

Aching and breathing.

I am

Aching and dreaming.

*choleintodiamonds* originally posted

October 2015

You Are


And here it is

Right before you,

Beside you,

Inside you.

This greatness everyone speaks of

And searches for.

This joy and fulfillment.

Search no more.

Here it is.

It is you. All that you are.

All that you see and feel.

Every movement, thought and breath.


You are.



Before and Always.