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Everyone is made of fire.
Some have had their flames doused by self

Or snuffed out by careless actions and words.
They have forgotten the heat
Of their soul.
Let us help remind
They hold the kindling.

Eternal embers remain within.
Let us help one another restart
Our bonfire hearts.

*originally posted October 2016 @choleintodiamonds*

Time Slumbers


Clouds of black

As day turns to night.

I try to speak with all my might,


On hands and knees I crawl.

The wind pushes me to where i do not wish to go,

Where i do not recall my name.

My skin feels not my own.

I lie motionless,

Overcome with shadows.

Still i breath.

I sleep until I forget

And dream

In a place

Where time slumbers 

And forgets as well.