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What is this?

Am i walking in dreams?

For once i was but a young girl

Playing in the backyard,

Sitting on the picnic table my father built

Making mud pies with a sprinkle of lilac flowers from that tree over there,

In the corner

By the living room window.

The sweet lilac aroma would waft throughout our trailer when in bloom.

Oh, and how i would take flight out the door every morning

Feet ready to hit the cool grass, or ice skate

Depending the season.

Making forts with whatever debris we could collect and an old blanket mom did not mind getting messed.

Grass stains on skin

And dandelion glow under the chin.

Ice balls in hair and rosey cheeks aglow.

Yes, she is with me still,

That girl,

And she stops me sometimes to wonder,

To wander,

Reminding me how much I am

Everything and all.


Last Time


Black off the shoulder dress,

Patterned with little pink flowers.

My skin

Tan and sand brushed.

Last time I wore it was in Egypt.

A beautiful night, it was.

Clear and star filled.

I feel everything all at once when I look at.

Barefeet continued

Dancing long after they hurt.

Laughed and smiled so much;

People thought I was drunk.

It has a hole in it I never fixed,

I kept it anyway.

So there it hangs with a variety of other

Colorful memories.

Time to sew it up or let it go.



I look at my feet

And try to will them to move.

Just keep moving.

(if you are feeling empty that means you can be filled up)

Step to the floor and stand up dear girl.

(just move)

Don’t let your mind go under.

Lift your gaze from the ground.

(look around)

Stop misplacing your mind.

It does not leave you

But you do.

(try to smile and move if just a little bit)