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After All


You child,


Are worthy of great things.

As is everyone.

Stop hanging on so stubbornly

To the ledge of unworthiness

And let yourself free fall into

All that you are.

Trust yourself.

Dive into your true form and you will

See you

Are free to fly after all;





One, two,

I am going to move today.

3, 4,

Maybe if I just roll over.

Watching my arm dangle

Off the edge of the bed,

Thinking of letting myself fall.

I wish Narnia

Was in my wardrobe.

I used to hide in the closet when I was little.

I felt safe in the dark hidden behind

The garments.

(If I was out of sight I could be forgotten)


At night I would get comfy in my blankets and plan my

Dreams before I closed my eyes.

I planned every detail;

which characters would join me, where we would go,

Who would be friend or foe.

It was fantastical.

I was usually a character in a book I read


I always created amazing adventures.

Comforting fantasies of exploring, friendship and love.

I hated waking up.



She sighs softly.

Don’t give up on me.

Don’t give up on me.

I have been fire, I have been ice.

I have been everything in-between.

I’ve been the sun, I’ve been the moon.

All of those times I have felt insane.

I have been alone in the crowd. I have been alone with myself.

I have felt alive in the crowd.

I have felt alive on my own.

I have been the instruments and the voice;

The noise itself.

I have been silence. Nothing but silence.

And I have caught myself when I have fallen.

Don’t give up on me.

I Say to Myself


You do not have to work so hard for love.

To beg, to plead.

(I say to myself)

To apologize for things you have not done just to

Keep the peace.

To prove your worthiness.

(Once upon a time I too did these things)

It took a long hard fall for me to learn

(I learn more everyday)

I cannot measure how much I love myself by

How much anyone else loves me.

(I remind myself)

I am worthy of my own unconditional love.

My Mind


My mind is playing the

“You can’t” game.


“You aren’t” ,

“You are too this or too that” game.

It is exhausting these climbs and the cliffs.

I fall.

Continually crawling back up.

Gravel on my knees,

Vines and thorns around my throat.

Reminding myself

Not to struggle so much

Against them


They just dig deeper into my flesh.

I close my eyes.


Count to three and open my eyes again.