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Let your voice soften,

Bringing stillness to abundance as it

Carries love across the ocean.

In the air

In the waves,

You cover the earth

To reach her;

Your love cannot be contained

And it resonates in the beating chambers of her heart.

No mere dream.

Come morning

She opens her sleepy eyes and looks to the rising sun knowing this.



Fear so deep you tremble and hold yourself tight so as not to lose your bladder. Fear.

And you begin to lie to keep the peace.

The light nearly beat out of you by words,

open hand, back hand.

You lie.

Smile out the door,

No one knows.

No one knows why you jump with a start so easily. They tease, you laugh.

Always hoping no one knows your name.

(Please don’t say it.

Nothing good happens when you hear your name)


The unspoken understanding in trauma experienced between family members.

The ever unpredictable behavior of a parent.

The unprovoked attacks.

The silent body language used to communicate

Between those abused.

Speak in rhyme and riddle a code never shared beyond these walls.

The eyes,

The slight gestures unnoticeable to others

In moments of extreme panic.

What will happen next?

Don’t speak,

Don’t move,

I will take the hit, you move.

I will carry you again and again for i would rather bleed and bruise than watch you get beat.

The laughter when you are safe,

Nervous smiles of relief.

Heal and save your energy for the next unexpected round.

Even though you know it is coming

You keep this little light of hope………

No one talks of hell. You are so damn brave and no one knows.

And so you go by many names and it leaves confusion. Even when you tell them, they don’t remember and you believe it doesn’t matter anymore.




I see your chest rise,

An intake of breath as our eyes meet.

Drawn together

Instinctively before we can blink in recognition.

And the blood courses through my veins,

I can feel yours doing the same.

This quaking within;


Electrifying surge created resonates

Beyond people and places known as these Bodies come together.


A supreme stillness overcomes my soul

And settles the melding.

We cannot stop what was set in motion

Before time itself


Do we wish to.





And be.

Open your heart.

Open your mind.

Open your eyes.

Drop the definitions.

Knock down the fences.

Obliterate the walls.

You are in your own way.

You have constrained your mind,

Your heart.

And wrapped yourself

So tight in definitions,

You cannot breathe.

This barricade you have built

Has left you with nowhere to go and

Nothing new to see.


You have limited your own vision.

*originally published November 2014 @choleintodiamonds*