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Do not rush spring

Because winter

Was too long.
Enjoy the awakening

And the return of

Each flowers sweet scent.

The delicate unfolding of each petal.

Each opening of

Every new growth on the branch

Of the pussy willow

And push of the tenacious root through soil.

Feel the awakening of the moment

As they too welcome and embrace you.

Unforgiving Walls


I close my eyes,

I breath you in.

Beauty becomes my soul.

Your arms embrace me,

Hold me still.

My breath,

For once,

Is whole.

My heart is beating

A rhythm true.

A sound I’ve held so tight.

My soul is lifting



Never has it been so high.

I am singing a new song.

One my heart vaguely recalls.

One that has been hidden




It Starts With One


It starts with one mind.

It starts with one heart.

To become love

And let go of anger.

And there the one shares with


Let go of judgements of strangers.

Then the two become the four

And exponentially

We let go.

Embrace anew

As love recognizes hate

No more.

Alter the tide.

What becomes reality for one

Becomes the reality


The Sum.


Let not your eyes deceive you

As you look in the mirror.

The blood that we shed

Is no other color

But red.