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Summer Dreams


Summer dreams.

I think of them as my


Step on and crunch

The crispy leaves that have fallen on this path

Before me.

The lucky ones fall to the forest floor

Where no human

Makes their way.

The lucky ones;

Reabsorbed into the



I will tuck those dreams in for the winter,

To sleep now

And reawaken them in spring;

Though maybe they will have changed by then.

We might not know each other anymore,

These summer dreams and I.


One, two,

I am going to move today.

3, 4,

Maybe if I just roll over.

Watching my arm dangle

Off the edge of the bed,

Thinking of letting myself fall.

I wish Narnia

Was in my wardrobe.

I used to hide in the closet when I was little.

I felt safe in the dark hidden behind

The garments.

(If I was out of sight I could be forgotten)


At night I would get comfy in my blankets and plan my

Dreams before I closed my eyes.

I planned every detail;

which characters would join me, where we would go,

Who would be friend or foe.

It was fantastical.

I was usually a character in a book I read


I always created amazing adventures.

Comforting fantasies of exploring, friendship and love.

I hated waking up.



She begs him 
Write for her 

Morning, noon and night

Of dreams and things to come

Of the past

To reach inside himself

Release restraints and doubts

And make her feel those things

She has never felt

To turn her inside out 

Peel away illusions.

Show her.

Immerse her in worlds beyond talk or action;

Where the mind no longer


Keep You There



I ran.

I ran to the field and

Lay amongst the flowers today.

I stayed in their company for hours.

Days go by.  

I let the sun burn my heart.

I do not know why but it is true.

My essence did soar.

I dreamt a dream of you and I and it began to rain.

The raindrops did not touch our skin


Submerged in internal flames,


Dreaming the same dream beside me.
What is this fire you have brought to me?


You hummed and strummed,

Said nothing but we knew.

We never touched but we knew.

Me wishing to remain in sweet slumber and forever have you there.