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Too much,

Too little,

Then nothing.

Gray sky.

Black sky,


My moods waning from here to there.

The dog whimpers in her sleep

And I wonder was it a good whimper or is 

There something

Disturbing going on in her dream?

I walk to the door and open it

As if welcoming some unseen guest.

Is it merely air that i need?

My imagination being of no steadfast company

To me this day.

And words, well

They are all crashing in my brain,

And as quickly as they come,


So here I am standing, staring into the trees 

Waiting for some big


All I can think of is you.

Once again you have saved me and I cannot 

Form words;

Bring breath to the why or how.




she has always had such vivid dreams

you were always there

oceans away

but you were there in her dreams

different streets

different skylines

but the same place

in dreams

how does she tell you?

do you  already know?

Time Slumbers


Clouds of black

As day turns to night.

I try to speak with all my might,


On hands and knees I crawl.

The wind pushes me to where i do not wish to go,

Where i do not recall my name.

My skin feels not my own.

I lie motionless,

Overcome with shadows.

Still i breath.

I sleep until I forget

And dream

In a place

Where time slumbers 

And forgets as well.

She Thought.


She thought.

She did not think.

She loved.

She believed she loved.

She thought she was awake.

She was only dreaming


Here she lies staring

At the ceiling.


Sleep evades her

This darkest night

As so many nights before.

Once again she tosses and turns,

Unpleasant thoughts raging inside her brain.

More often than not this bed is no friend.