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I stepped outside

And it hit me like a wave;

The smell of fresh dirt;

The forest floor and raspberries.

Fresh raspberries.

Right there on the cement

Surrounded by cars and buildings.

Heartfelt memories tugging.


A scent that cannot be duplicated by man.

I knew instantly in my heart it was my father,

Gone 20 years now.

I was taken back to childhood

Days and picking delicious raspberries in the woods;

Eating more than ended up in the bowl.

I composed myself and

Walked to my car.

Sitting in the front seat;

Missing him.

I turned the key to start the


And there was his song playing.

The one my siblings and I requested on the Radio station the day of his funeral.

I am glad he reminds me he is near.


Summer Dreams


Summer dreams.

I think of them as my


Step on and crunch

The crispy leaves that have fallen on this path

Before me.

The lucky ones fall to the forest floor

Where no human

Makes their way.

The lucky ones;

Reabsorbed into the



I will tuck those dreams in for the winter,

To sleep now

And reawaken them in spring;

Though maybe they will have changed by then.

We might not know each other anymore,

These summer dreams and I.

And So


I often think i am done

Whether sun

Or shadow fall on my face.

Even when a smile curves my lips

A battle may rage


This at any time.

I walk upon stone,

I walk upon dirt

Both hurt

When the weight is heavy.

Though i stand tall,

A smile curves my lips.

Each breath a blessing

As i fill my lungs with air,

As I stretch up to the sky with all my might

The weight gets lighter,

My feet less tender.

I look at my heart. 

It has no boundaries

Nor my mind in fact.

Every cell,

Every atom

At peace if I allow it to be.

And so it flows through me,

And so I am.

Eye Level With The Dirt



Wasn’t one big fall.

It was gradual.

A slight slip here.

A trip there.

Hands missing the railing,

Reaching and flailing.

Words left


Frightened inside.

Smiles left unshared.

Passing by averting eyes.

Little by little.

Skirting around the edges of hurt.

Vulnerabilities slowly

Caged and protected.

Until you found yourself



With the




And now I lie naked.
Naked in the earth.
Everything I have carried
In me,
Stripped from
My heart
Removed from my soul.
Washed clean.

And I feel the wind.
I breathe the air.
I taste the dirt on my lips.
I am settled in my skin.


The time has come to

Arise and set my feet gently on the path before me.

Let this new journey


Desolation of Your Soul


In the

Desolation of your soul,

Wandering this ghost town
I tried to find you.
I traced the drops of your tears in the
Dry dirt.
The wind began to blow
And the grit,

Began to hurt.
My heart began to race

In anticipation.
I lost sight of your trail

I kept searching
To no avail.
I was caught up in the blaze
Of the scorching sun.
I knew what had to be done.
On hands and knees
I could no longer see.
I began to crawl and feel my way


I closed my eyes and listened.
I heard your sighs falling
Above the roar of the
I wonder if you can hear me
I wonder if you know
You are not alone.



And here I return
To the red dirt.
Return to the stillness
In me.
To the place I first found peace.
And my soul does weep
As again
The sand does slip through my
As the earth
Does settle my soul
With its beautiful Song.
The healing of time
My desire to climb
Back to the stars
And beyond.

Love and light,

Earth and air,

Combine to provide
The current so that I may glide
Higher and higher
To places and desires
Yet to be journeyed
By my heart.