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Feel the difference

Between that which is actual

Or merely a reflectiom

By clearing the mind.

Sit in

Nonjudgmental stillness,

Observe and flow.

See that which is created by your mind

And breathe slower,

Go deeper into the stillness.

Feel the stillness expand.

Untie the knots that tether the mind in

One direction and dissipate.




Truth is


Knowing when to speak up

And when to listen.


About and becoming aware your true intentions.

Holding yourself accountable.

Ego is self,

Soul is for highest good.

Only by diving deep

Into self and observing

Does one find the truth

Within the truth.

Fluidity in thoughts and actions.

Ever questioning; diving deeper,

Rising higher and settling oneself in reflection.

What serves in healing and awareness is fluid.

Flow in the stillness.

And the truth of it all is ones individual ego truth is not everyones.




I took a moment
To swim
To the shore
Of the ocean,
This my life.
And i stood  and pondered once again.
My bare feet in the warmth of the sand.

My breath taken away by the wind.
This beautiful ocean

blue, green and gray
Is me.
It Is deep and endless.
The reflection
Stuns me as the sun rises,
As does everything in between.
That which begs still to be explored.
I am ready
Come what may
To dive back in.

What unknown part of me shall i delve into Next?