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He carries this world in his heart

And when i look in his eyes

There it is;

This beautiful gaze full of

Love and starbursts.



In the kiss, lucidity.

And he blinks in morse code;

My heart dances.

Suns have come and gone

Time throughout.

Here we are.

Hands linked

We leap.

Would Never Guess


for most of her life

(more than less)

she was in a state of heightened

fight or flight

her head dizzy

her breathing uncontrolled

her senses and mind wired as tight as a cat ready to run

watching body language

reading expressions and eyes

listening to tone

holding her breath waiting to bolt or duck at any given moment

her whole body racing while standing still

as soon as someone spoke to her, her mind flooded with confusion.

why me? can’t you see i am the ugliest, stupidest most disgusting person here. i am slow

of thought and of no interest.

you must be mistaken.

I am no one.

But you would never guess. Or you might consider then brush it off. she smiles and nods her


Have a nice day, she might say.

by the way she quickly moves away

 you would never guess the weight she carries is so very heavy.

You Do It


You do it;
You did it again.
I start out so careful
But then i dive in
That i crave.
Hope is my curse,
Over and over
I cannot refrain.
You beautiful storm
Seductively terrifying
I start out so careful
But you know my heart.

you leave me reeling

in wonder

my mind in perpetual motion;

in a state of confusion.