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Brilliance True


Hello Milky Way.

I have been longing to see you again.

These city lights,

They block your luminosity

And leave me stumbling to find my way.

I struggle to find direction

Without stars to guide me.

Artificial radiance shines bright like a beacon

Until you get close enough to

Realize their lack of heat within.

I close my eyes and begin again,

Having faith in my own intuition.

I know the truth.

We know the truth.

The stars are ever steady

With brilliance true.


Sky Is Blue


In the heart of the city today,

City noises

City voices.

Construction and sirens.

Another train rumbles through.

The sky is blue

And wherever i am,

I think of you.

Pigeons cooing and cars honking.

Exhaust in my lungs.

City bus brakes squeaking and I am thinking of you.

People smiling, people frowning.


The sky is still blue and I am

Thinking of you.