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Mountain Air


I sleep under the open sky.

I beckon

The night mountain air come take

Me away.

I wish to drift through the trees

The pines and the rocks;

Dance over cliffs and through valleys

By the light of the moon.

Invisible and silent.

I will caress the wings of the owl as she hunts;

I am the cool air the wolf inhales deep,

That which brings the longing and power

To her howl.
I beg the wind

Come drench my soul

And take me home.




One day

I realized

If I slept too long

I would miss the moments

When the world was quiet.

I would miss

Beauty awakening


The first gentle caress of

Light in my world.

I would miss

The silent whisper of the day saying

“Here I am in all my glory just for you. Use me up until there is nothing left.”