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One Summer


My step brother came for a short visit one summer.

There was a 12 year age gap between us.

(I thought he was so cool in his soft top jeep.)

Anyway, that summer I was 10.

We were in the backyard having lunch while sitting at the big red picnic table my dad built

When we heard a very strange, loud crash.

We ran out of the yard and looked in the direction of the noise to see black smoke rising high.

My brother ran inside and grabbed his camera.

Off we went to investigate.

Even though it was just the next street over the fire engines and ambulance were already  there.

A small plane had crashed into the corner of an apartment.

I remember the smell of burning flesh and against my brothers adamant pleas to go away,

I stayed watching as they put a burnt body in a body bag

and carried it away.

I think there was only one body.


Got Lost


Not long ago I got lost in an Italian town.

(Honestly I have been lost more than once this lifetime)

Looming stone walls.
Narrow walk ways.
Monks conversing
Children playing ball
On the cobblestone.
My heart began thumping
And my mind was a whirl.
I paused to retrieve my map

And realized
I left it with my bicycle.
My phone was dead.

(of course I remembered all of my camera gear

but I did forget to eat)
So caught up in the
Minute details;
My own world as i wondered and


I lost time;

I lost my way.
I then looked to the sky and caught my breath.
What a beautiful place to be lost and well.

I continued on my way then.
Wandering in no hurry
I found myself back with my bike.