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I turn the page slowly,

My fingers lingering,

My thoughts turning.

Touching the faces of

Loves passed on now, closing my eyes as

My heart summons memories.

I realize I am holding my breath; silence.


To hear them say my name just once more.

So much time held in one picture book,

So much love.


All of Me For Me


For so many years I hid bits of myself.
I tucked
My favorite Legos in the floorboards,

In the house where the gun went off.

Hoping someday someone would find them and

Create something admirable.

I wrote my name in nooks
And secret places hoping someday
Someone would read me;

My book.

I placed my voice in a jar
And put it in a corner
Hoping someday
Someone would find it,

It and hear me;

My song.

I am going back and collecting these bits of me
For I know my worth now
And those bits are too lovely to keep hidden

In dark places;

Too lonely to wait any longer

Simply wishing to be found by another.

All of me for me.