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I see your chest rise,

An intake of breath as our eyes meet.

Drawn together

Instinctively before we can blink in recognition.

And the blood courses through my veins,

I can feel yours doing the same.

This quaking within;


Electrifying surge created resonates

Beyond people and places known as these Bodies come together.


A supreme stillness overcomes my soul

And settles the melding.

We cannot stop what was set in motion

Before time itself


Do we wish to.



Defy your fears.

Take courage of heart



Lift yourself up and out,

Into the sunlight.

Rest there as long as you need

Feeling heat upon skin;

Breathing air into the neglected depths

Of your lungs.

Here you will feel once more

The blood beating through your veins.

Remember yourself.

Listen. There is your heart song.

Allow yourself to weep,

Allow yourself to sing.

One, two , three inhale and roar.

One, two, three take a chance and soar.


I was taught to

Swallow my tears.

Keep them within,

Becoming bloated with grief.

My blood saturated with salt



Heart so heavy

And lungs drowned with self inflicted water,

I could no longer stand.

I could not absorb oxygen needed to keep warm nor fully breathe,

Could not pump blood through my own veins to live.

Not knowing that to cry was such strength

For those surrounding me

Saw it,

Claimed it as


A winning of some kind to break another more than yourself.

I still cry in the dark.

I never said I was perfect.

It Starts With One


It starts with one mind.

It starts with one heart.

To become love

And let go of anger.

And there the one shares with


Let go of judgements of strangers.

Then the two become the four

And exponentially

We let go.

Embrace anew

As love recognizes hate

No more.

Alter the tide.

What becomes reality for one

Becomes the reality


The Sum.


Let not your eyes deceive you

As you look in the mirror.

The blood that we shed

Is no other color

But red.

*originally published January 2015 @choleintodiamonds*



The wise old owl
Sits upon the branch

And turns his head to look at me

As I approach.

In the moment we lock eyes

I am aware of more than

Can be put into words;

There in my heart and mind.

We are all of time in 

Physical form,

Blood and bones.

And the wise owl knows this

 As he says everything to me

Though he does not speak.



Why did you have to tear me open


I was just looking at how fine

Some of these hurts have healed up.

You thought you might make me bleed

Blood red like you

But upon a closer look,  you

Found untamed wildness, stars and

Feathers leaking into the sky from my


Now I am laughing. I am such an unknown

Substance even to myself

And now

You are blind.

Find me with your other senses.

We may crawl. We may walk, swim or fly

With this unhindered madness.

Gilded Throne


I learned to hide all of my beauty

Anything beautiful

The beautiful words that came from my mouth

The beautiful flowers that

Sprang from my touch

The beautiful way I moved

And sang

And loved

My beautiful locks of curly hair

So disgraceful to those around me

Sewed my lips shut

And tore my dress

Liked me better hushed and messed

Sitting behind the crooked door

There they said they liked me more

Out of sight and out of mind

I learned to hide my beauty

For fear of hurting others

Sword sharp words cut me

My own blood to slip


Laughter, mocking

Clumsy girl

Ugly nest of knotted curls 

Not so beautiful now

And how they sit proud on me 

as i lie prone

Me their clay formed

Gilded throne