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May 12,2018

I have been on a journey

To get a light infusion.

You see all this

Is just an illusion;

The body,

The words

Merely confusing the mind.

Leaving us

Believing the clock

Harnesses time,

That it is all on

One line.

Mixed up emotions.

Thinking we are strange.

Making man made concoctions

Keeping us sleepy and disturbed.


Dull ache;

Chasing loneliness.

Feigning sanity, insanity and all

That is in between.

It is all relative but some refuse to see beyond.

Walking on a tightrope listening

To the echoes of the tick and the tock.

Frozen in fear. Frozen in shock.

Forgetting all the life they have got.

Gratitude gifts latitude.

Awareness creates limitless possibilities.




End of the line.

I met my divine nature;

The truth glaring at me.

A reflection

In a puddle of mud.

I stomp on the ground sending

Ripples through time,

The grit sticking to my heels

Making my steps heavier than

I thought possible.

My mind now stuck,

Held in unmoving animation.

Sucked into a substance

Soft and cement,

Oxygen creating suction


Sweat trickles down into

The ground,

Pouring out



Of all I ever believed.

He Can


Fearful of his own greatness,
He holds the gates within his  heart
Locked with disgrace.
Hiding his own gifts.
Afraid to be overcome by the flood
Of all that he is.
He is
Beyond thoughts of those
Who surround him.
They cannot place him in
Or out,
Up or down.
He is everyone
He is more than a soul can dream.
If only he believed this enough;
He would realize he can breathe
Any depth,
Any altitude.
He can breathe.

She Thought.


She thought.

She did not think.

She loved.

She believed she loved.

She thought she was awake.

She was only dreaming


Here she lies staring

At the ceiling.


Sleep evades her

This darkest night

As so many nights before.

Once again she tosses and turns,

Unpleasant thoughts raging inside her brain.

More often than not this bed is no friend.