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Universal Beat


When I Move,

When I dance, sing or speak,

I am all countries

And language recalls the root of one.

I am the beauty of the stillness in every flowing moment,

More than

A galaxy believed to be contained

And constructed in the mind.

For music


Soul speak

And rhythm

Is the

Universal ancestral beat


From the beginning to the future existing beyond.

More than mere cosmos conception.

Hear it. Be.

Infinite resonation.

Alternate celestial awakenings.

Harmonious cell vibration.

Close your eyes and become.

Welcome ascension.




This incredible sadness

Pretends to play nice

With my endless madness.

It heaves in my heart

Swearing we shall never part;

For it loves me ever so.

Sadness only wants to hold me and

Keep me company,

But madness swears

It’s had my back since the start

Therefore remains my truest friend.

And to the argument there seems to be

No end.

I just want them to be allies

And leave me

Here on the summit high.

Just let me be.

Let me be.

Simply be.

Innermost Longing


Here I sit.

I cannot sleep yet I am exhausted.

I want to laugh.

I want to cry.

I want to curl up in the closet.

I want to run beside the ocean.

I want to scream.

I want to sit atop a mountain and feel the wind in my hair.

Feel it stroke my face.

I want to dance and laugh and sing until I collapse.

I want to forget.

I want to stand tall, walk forward

And never look back.

I want my heart back in one piece.

I want to sleep and dream and I want to wake up feeling safe with a  smile in my heart.

I want to trust.

I want to let go and love,

Hold nothing back.

I want to lean and rest my soul.

I want to breathe.

I want to break the surface.

I want to revive my heart.

I want to give a piece of me without regret.

I want to break the chains my heart and mind have bound me in.

I want to sigh.

I want to cut the anchor and soar.

I want to speak softly and be heard.

I want to lie in a field of flowers and watch the clouds drift by and listen to the wind caress the trees.

I want to believe in myself.

I want to be.