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To live and breathe unattached

Is most beautiful

And free.

To let the words flow and go.

Create art from the heart and soul without Expectation of

Any accolades.

To dance without expectations of applause.

To release all the power contained within this Vessel

In love

Leaves room to flow and feel the euphoria

Of life energy;

To let it come

And let it go.

Simply because.

Love and love some more.

Listen and listen some more.

The more released the more

Realized and the veil


Comprehension now your choice.

The Clown


Once a week in elementary school

The art teacher

Would bring her cart into the classroom.

On a particular art lesson

She painted an example of a clown

Smiling. Colorful.

Reds and whites and blues.

In turn we were told to paint our own.

I sat and stared at my paint and paper

 While the other kids started.

I was always so unsure of myself, overthinking.

I looked around at my classmates


They were all copying the art teachers example.

I remember thinking it was strange,

All the same.

So i proceeded to paint


Black, blue and gray,

A frowning clown with a dead flower in

His hat.

( looking back now, I laugh))

Mine clashed with the rest. 

And they were all placed on display in the hallway all bright, except one looking quite out of sorts.

A sad sorry clown surrounded


Bright and happy ones.

The school contacted my parents and 

Thought perhaps they should seek counseling for me.