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Keeping Time



Sunrise upon a face,

Sunset upon a heart.

The eyes in silence,

The arms in chaos.

The obsessions,

The anxiety

Relentless in my mind.

Breathing, breathing

Keeping time.


In Dreams


I want to reach you.

To fall into you

And collapse in fevered cries.

Revel in

The sight of you.

But I will never beg

Your hands

Touch me.

I will never beg your lips meet mine

Or you arms surround me.

Dreams will have to do.

I will not.

I will not.

I will dream.

Always Held


I have been the waves that carried you home

When you were lost at sea.

I was the the rain that fell upon your

Weary head


Quenched your thirst.

I have been the desert that left you dry and helplessly


The oasis in the sand.

I was the sky that held you up so long ago

And the stars you have wished upon.


In this life;

I am the arms that hold you.


My heart has always held you.

There I Will


I’m going to close my eyes

And there I will see you.

There I will be with you.

I’m going to open my arms

And there I will hold you.

There I will touch you.

I’m going to open my heart

And there I will greet you.

There I will love you.

I’m going to lay down my soul

And there I will feel you.

There I will breathe you.