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The sound of the

Breathing machine

Brings little comfort.

Nobody likes the smell

Of hospitals,

They serve a purpose.

Sometimes you leave with your loved one,

Sometimes you leave



One of Them


You locked me in a room

Then turned off the circuit breakers leaving me

Alone in the dark.

You knew I was terrified of ghosts,

Turning up the music to drown out my cries.

Telling me the demons were waiting to

Devour me whole;

To take my soul.

You did not know that they would

Turn and take care of me.

You did not know my Warrior Ancestors were there and would teach me

That love is the spark within that never


I was not alone.

I learned to dance with my Ancestors and our

Beauty created an indistinguishable fire


I learned a timeless courage

And smiled at the challenge you created.

Thank you.

For without you

I would have never experienced

All this firsthand.

People would have spoke of these things and I would

Have dismissed them as crazy.

Now I am one of them.

No Denying


She knelt in the snow and clasped her hands to her


Her fragile voice began to talk to anyone

Who might be listening;






“Why am i so slow,

So aware?

Why does my heart overflow with love,

Yet my body shy from all?”

In the the peace in the air between her breathes

She felt their reply.

“You suffered great trauma child.

You denied yourself validation of pain.

You rejected love of others

And refused to honor yourself.

Fear became imbedded in your cells.

They are rebuilding themselves

And are reemerging as light.

Holy light of love.

Be patient.

Accept the light. Accept the love.

Lift your gaze to meet yourself in

All your grace.

You can deny yourself being no more.”

And light became her as she opened her


Her heart boundaries dissipated as

One became one.



She sighs softly.

Don’t give up on me.

Don’t give up on me.

I have been fire, I have been ice.

I have been everything in-between.

I’ve been the sun, I’ve been the moon.

All of those times I have felt insane.

I have been alone in the crowd. I have been alone with myself.

I have felt alive in the crowd.

I have felt alive on my own.

I have been the instruments and the voice;

The noise itself.

I have been silence. Nothing but silence.

And I have caught myself when I have fallen.

Don’t give up on me.



I hold internally
These monsters
That scratch and tear
At my insides.
I have held them tight
In hopes of their suffocation.
Now I hemorrhage instead.
I believed these things were holding me Prisoner.
Keeping me in the dark.
Obscuring my sight.
When it is
Who keep them.
Afraid to be alone.
Afraid to be free.
For there have been times
They have escaped me;
I beckoned them return.
Now my strength grows weary
And my body is strained
In holding them.
My eyes tire so in this self imposed darkness,
My skin left longing for the soft caress of

This unhappiness I wear
From time to time makes me forget
All that is well.
And these monsters,
They wish to be free