I have felt every word

He writes.

I collect each letter;

Capital and lower case,

Exclamation points,

Question marks and all.

I put them in my heart.

Little folded notes of love and disdain.

Magic spells to remind


I am not alone.

And I tiptoe and

Dance to his lyrics

When I am solitaire.


In the forest

Under the moonlight too,

With a passion free.

Just me

And his

Smile when I close my eyes.

Tingling and giddy I cannot help but

Fall into an endless spiral.

Down into the

Moss beneath my feet.

Secret bliss.


Those Nights


Those nights I snuck in.

We would be


So quiet.

And in the morning your dad would knock on your door,

Peeking in to wish you a good day.

You would lie on your side

So i could cuddle up


So close

(My heart beating so fast)

And melt

Myself into the blankets and mattress.

Into you,

So as not to be seen.

When we heard the front door shut and the car pull out of

The driveway

You would turn and grin

And begin again.

I remember the morning light

And your body

So warm.

Your strong hands

And thick hair.

I remember your

Lips and how you kissed me


There was nothing but each moment


So young.

So simple the desires.

Body to body.

Heart to heart.

Eager and overflowing with

Something we could not explain.

I wonder

What do you remember?