Do not rush spring

Because winter

Was too long.
Enjoy the awakening

And the return of

Each flowers sweet scent.

The delicate unfolding of each petal.

Each opening of

Every new growth on the branch

Of the pussy willow

And push of the tenacious root through soil.

Feel the awakening of the moment

As they too welcome and embrace you.



I climb

And breathe deep.

The smell of lilacs strong;


Hint of 

Rain to come

Bathes me.

Morning splendor.

I close my eyes

And accept


I got colored by the sun and the earth today.

I lost my breath

As I rose to the summit.

I got high on the


Dizzy in my head,

I let gratitude overflow my heart

And I accepted

The healing.
I got dusty and dirty.

I danced with myself


The view from the summit is always worth 


I accept the healing.

Mountain Air


I sleep under the open sky.

I beckon

The night mountain air come take

Me away.

I wish to drift through the trees

The pines and the rocks;

Dance over cliffs and through valleys

By the light of the moon.

Invisible and silent.

I will caress the wings of the owl as she hunts;

I am the cool air the wolf inhales deep,

That which brings the longing and power

To her howl.
I beg the wind

Come drench my soul

And take me home.