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Every emotion
Felt in a lifetime

Crashing in my gut all at once.

You and I

Face to face.

Loss for words.

Our voices faltering anyway

At the enormity of emotion

In a touch,

A gasp.

And breathing is enough.

Our hands know the way,

We know the way.

The thrill.

Euphoria ignited.

And there we meet together as if

On the very head of a pin.

All thoughts dissolving,

Look no more.

Space-time blooms evermore

And hearts erupt in unison.



You and I

Every inch of skin 


Heartbeats thump through


A morse code coursing 


Body language

Perceiving intuitively

Where to go,

When to move,

When to breath.

Stillness absolute.




Periodically I get trapped inside 

My mind.

My body knows it should

Stand up,

Should move.

My eyes try to look

Out the window.

I want to go outside and inhale life and

Lay in the sun


Then the thought of it all;

Moving myself,

Makes me cry.

Exhausts me.

And all goes silent

In my head.

The connection is lost

And every thought becomes

Slow motion

Until I remain


And call it a draw.

One Summer


My step brother came for a short visit one summer.

There was a 12 year age gap between us.

(I thought he was so cool in his soft top jeep.)

Anyway, that summer I was 10.

We were in the backyard having lunch while sitting at the big red picnic table my dad built

When we heard a very strange, loud crash.

We ran out of the yard and looked in the direction of the noise to see black smoke rising high.

My brother ran inside and grabbed his camera.

Off we went to investigate.

Even though it was just the next street over the fire engines and ambulance were already  there.

A small plane had crashed into the corner of an apartment.

I remember the smell of burning flesh and against my brothers adamant pleas to go away,

I stayed watching as they put a burnt body in a body bag

and carried it away.

I think there was only one body.



The wise old owl
Sits upon the branch

And turns his head to look at me

As I approach.

In the moment we lock eyes

I am aware of more than

Can be put into words;

There in my heart and mind.

We are all of time in 

Physical form,

Blood and bones.

And the wise owl knows this

 As he says everything to me

Though he does not speak.