No Denying


She knelt in the snow and clasped her hands to her


Her fragile voice began to talk to anyone

Who might be listening;






“Why am i so slow,

So aware?

Why does my heart overflow with love,

Yet my body shy from all?”

In the the peace in the air between her breathes

She felt their reply.

“You suffered great trauma child.

You denied yourself validation of pain.

You rejected love of others

And refused to honor yourself.

Fear became imbedded in your cells.

They are rebuilding themselves

And are reemerging as light.

Holy light of love.

Be patient.

Accept the light. Accept the love.

Lift your gaze to meet yourself in

All your grace.

You can deny yourself being no more.”

And light became her as she opened her


Her heart boundaries dissipated as

One became one.


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