I asked you to slow down,

I could not keep up.

So you trudged on ahead

Never looking back

And i lost sight of you

Out there.
I came to a division of many


Where i took a moment to rest,

My strength dwindling.

And i waited.

I waited

And i counted the stars.

I took shelter in the trees


At any moment

You might return

To me.
I woke to a cold frost 

And realized i could not stay without nourishment and shelter

Through more seasons.

And had to choose a path

One that did not lead me to you


Mountain top

Where i could see

Many other peaks in front of


And there my whole body

Was filled with a sense of 


Much time went by

And you found me

But you were angry

I did not wait longer for your return.

I will no longer apologize for the natural need to take care of myself.
And on I went without you 

On to the next valley

And on to the next peak

And i took my own breath away

As each day i

Stood up.


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