Olive Tree



Evenings light was falling

I chose to take

A walk among the olive trees.

Others were elsewhere

Settling for dinner.

The earth was dry,

Dust rising and making a bit

Of a haze as 

I moved toward the sun.

I came to a low rock wall deep in the orchard 


Decided to take

A moment of rest.

Removing my backpack to use as a pillow

I lay upon the ground.

I swear I heard laughter

And the shuffle of bare feet behind me,

I quickly sat up and turned my head to find no 

one around.
Maybe the ghosts were as delighted as me

Under those old olive trees.

And I wondered how many souls had tread 


How many had stopped to take a moment and

Replenish their weary hearts with these roots 

Beneath them?

How many partook

With joy

The nectar

Of the olive tree before me?


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