The Clown


Once a week in elementary school

The art teacher

Would bring her cart into the classroom.

On a particular art lesson

She painted an example of a clown

Smiling. Colorful.

Reds and whites and blues.

In turn we were told to paint our own.

I sat and stared at my paint and paper

 While the other kids started.

I was always so unsure of myself, overthinking.

I looked around at my classmates


They were all copying the art teachers example.

I remember thinking it was strange,

All the same.

So i proceeded to paint


Black, blue and gray,

A frowning clown with a dead flower in

His hat.

( looking back now, I laugh))

Mine clashed with the rest. 

And they were all placed on display in the hallway all bright, except one looking quite out of sorts.

A sad sorry clown surrounded


Bright and happy ones.

The school contacted my parents and 

Thought perhaps they should seek counseling for me.


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