Darkest Dark


Shedding tears.

The darkest of dark in my chest

This night.

Moonlight casts no shadow

From wall to wall.

I will not give up.

I will not give in.

Sweet slumber comes to cradle me.

She takes me to fields of lavender where

I dance until I am weary.

Elation fills my veins.

She flies me to the very mountain tops

Amongst the clouds where I fill my lungs once more;

Fill my eyes with curiousity .

I play in the deepest seas of blue.

I sink,

I float.

It does not matter here for my struggles are lost elsewhere in these dreams tonight.

She gives me what I need;

Sweet dreams.

And in the morning I lift my gaze to the sun.

I thank my dreams for keeping me company

And leave them under my pillow for the

Day awaits me now.


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