To Wake


The sun has risen over the mountains
And beckons my sleepy eyes to open
Will i tend to my hope or despair before i begin this day?
(Sometimes i do not completely shake despair in my dreams)
My eyes see hope as the sun rises higher over the mountain peaks
And my heart is filled with beauty as the birds sing to me.
My mind still struggles thinking maybe i should

Stay in bed and relent to despair
But i know to climb the mountain
(She is always calling my name)
Is the only way to grow stronger
In truth of self

Another beautiful morning
Another miraculous
To wake breathing
To wake
To see the sky
Another chance
To take new steps
To know myself
That is what mountains do
With beauty and grace
They offer no mercy
Yet help you become
Mountains keep you humble

The higher the altitude
The more my lungs are forced to work
And i grow stronger for it


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