Word In The Neighborhood


The word in the neighborhood

Was you wanted to kiss me.

You with your beautiful eyes

And playful grin.

Sometimes I would ride my bike by your house on the way to the park.

(my green girls bike with the funky handle bars and seat)

I thought it was dorky because all the cool kids rode boy bikes

Or banana seat bikes.

(And honestly,

I was just happy to have a bike)


You would say “Hi” in that rough voice of yours.

Brunette curls just covering your left eye.

Cigarette hanging off your lip;

Laid back as could be.

You didn’t know I could see your bruises.

The ones you tried to hide.

(I hid mine too)

I was too shy to even speak so I would keep riding by

All the while holding my breath.


I never thought I was enough for anyone)

Sometimes I remember the kiss.

Just a peck on the cheek but still…….

Do you?


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